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The most common sign of skin aging is wrinkles. Regardless of where they are or what biological or environmental factors contributed to them, the basic cause of wrinkles is the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Wrinkles begin to form beneath the surface of your skin as early as your 20s and while no product can give you wrinkle-free skin, understanding how wrinkles form and the best ways to prevent and treat different types of wrinkles can help you achieve smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin.

What causes eye wrinkles, how can you prevent them and what are the best anti wrinkle eye cream solutions for younger-looking skin?

Some types of wrinkles aren’t specific to one area of the face. Find out what can you do to prevent and treat wrinkles on your face.
In Your 20's Thanks to plentiful youth hormones such as estrogen, women in their 20's should enjoy radiant, luminous skin and shiny hair. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep and don't smoke, you should have abundant energy and will show rapid results with any fitness routine.

Unfortunately, many women in their teens and twenties do not protect their skin from excess sun exposure and often can be found on the beach or in tanning salons. This will rapidly age your skin—use a self tanner instead. Skin breakouts can still occur so be sure to keep skin clean, follow a healthy diet and don't forget the sunscreen.
By the time you are 30, you should make sure that you have left poor eating habits behind because the first place they will show is in your face. Your skin always needs great nutrition—beauty from the inside out is key.

Your diet needs to include the following:
High-quality protein
Low-glycemic carbohydrates
Healthy fats
6-8 glasses of water per day
Antioxidant rich drinks such as green tea
Be sure to take fish oil capsules and eat foods rich in the healthy fats to help keep skin supple and youthful.

Also it is vital to include many brightly colored fruits and vegetables to prevent free radical induced inflammation. Don't forget the protein—necessary for cellular repair. Watch alcohol intake, which is damaging to skin and internal organs and stay away from sugar and high glycemic carbs which will rob skin of youthful contours.
When we get older, our skin cell turnover decreases, we lose the thickness of the dermis through the loss of collagen and elastin - all of which can be greatly decreased by the application of topical retinoids
(Vitamin A).

Additional tips to restore radiance and keep skin supple and youthful during the menopause years and beyond:
Take omega 3 fish oil capsules
Regular exercise will increase circulation to the face,
  thus promoting a glowing complexion
Avoid smoking, which restricts the blood flow to the
  skin and can cause sallowness and dullness - as well
  as premature wrinkles, deep lines (especially on
  the upper lip), and loss of suppleness
Don't go "fat-free" which will make your skin dry and
  dull. Choose healthy fats as listed above for radiance
  and suppleness
Get enough sleep! Nothing is worse for your complexion
  than sleep deprivation— which will also cause you to
  crave sugary starchy food
Limit alcohol consumption
Collagen production decreases as you age, so nutrients
  such as which help with collagen formation is beneficial
  as you move into your 30's and 40's
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